My Art Degree actually isn’t worth anything 

Around about 4 years ago I wrote a blog questioning whether my art degree was worth anything. I’d been out of university for a year and had a job in a coffee shop for about 9 months and was still looking for a job in my chosen field, post production for video. 

4 years on what’s changed?  I still work at that coffee shop, I’ve moved up on the job ladder whilst I’ve been there I’ve not just stayed as a barista. I even got to a point of actually thinking I might as well make a go of a career in this company and go as far as I can that was until a couple of weeks ago until I realised  I still want to work in post production or a related career field. But these days entry level jobs are all apprenticeships which I’m over qualified for because I have a degree which means I can’t apply. 

When I went to university it was the best route for me, and by the time I left it wasn’t. Now I’m left with a choice of abandoning what I want to do or move forward try and to a Masters Degree in post production as a last ditched  attempt to try and make it in and make contacts in the industry but that means another £7000 or so.

If you want my advice don’t go to university go and do an apprenticeship you get paid for it, earn a qualification and make contacts it’s a triple win situation really.  So yes my art degree is absolutely worthless.


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