Pray for Paris

One thing that everyone should be sure of about the events that happened in Paris on Friday night it’s this, It was a dispicable horrendous act committed by vile sickening people and it was a tragedy. 

Previous tragadeys like this over the past few years hadn’t effected like this one has. Sure I’ve been shocked and appalled by them but this time I felt different. I felt physically sick on Friday night as I watched the news and I still get that feeling when I really think about it all. As the night went on and more information, video and photos became apparent about what people went through I won’t lie I cried a little. 

I can’t even begin to imagine what on earth those poor people, who were enjoying a meal, having a drink with friends, watching a band play or simple walking down the street went through, through no fault of their own but simply being there. I can’t even think what the families who’ve lost people are going through. It’s something nobody should ever have to go through no matter where they live in the world and you can only hope that.

It’s a shame that we live in a world where when people don’t agree with a someone else’s political stance, their religious beliefs or even their way of life, they respond with violence, spreading fear and intimidation across the streets of a city.

Let’s remember this in all this darkness that the world maybe filled with a minority that are vile but there’s a lot of good out there too and the world is a beautiful place and we should enjoy it while we can, enjoy our friends and families spend time with people actually talking and having fun but in all of it take time to reflect on the events and think of those people even if you didn’t know any of them because they didn’t deserve what happened to them. 


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