Is My Art Degree Actually Worth Anything?

If you want to read this read it but i’m not asking you to. This is more for me so I can have some form of clarity on the situation.

I found my self wondering the other day whether my art degree was worth anything. I probably started thinking about this because it’s coming up to a year since I finished my degree and not through want of trying i’ve not been able to find a job in my chosen field. What do I want to do? I want to be an Video Editor and when I left university I knew it wasn’t going to be a case of walking straight into an editing job but I thought  at least by now I’d be a post-production runner or even just a runner somewhere but unfortunately i’m not and it’s not through lack of trying.

There’s tonnes of media/art/film graduates every year applying for just a handful of jobs. There’s a misconception that people that do these degrees take them because they think it’s easy but it’s not true a lot of people do them because they love it they have a passion for what they do and it’s the ride is far from easy sometimes.  Quite a bit of my learning in university was either teaching myself or learning from other people either on my course, people on different courses or people in different upper years on my course .

If I hadn’t of gone to university and spent 3 years of my life there, I probably wouldn’t know most of the stuff I do on all aspects of producing a video from start to finish purely because i probably wouldn’t of had the time to if I’d just gone straight from college into the world of work.

Currently I work in a coffee shop and have done for almost 9 months, and slowly I’m feeling my creativity drain and feel I really need to move in to my chosen area soon before it goes completely. At the moment i’m staying positive about the future.


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