Is Adobe Creative Cloud the way forward?

Last week Adobe announced that all future editions of their software would be by subscription only through Adobe Creative Cloud. The initial reaction from most people was a confused one, wondering why Adobe were going to be asking them, if they wanted the new software, to continually make  monthly payments if they wanted to use it instead of the one off payment of just straight out buying the software.

However when you start looking into the pricing for the Creative Cloud it turns out that it could work out for both the customer and Adobe. The pricing structure seems to be quite reasonable for $50 a month you get access to the full range of Creative Suite applications although to get that price of $50 you have to sign up for a year. If you want it for just one month you pay $80 for that month. For the full year of CC it will cost you $600 and you’ll always get the updates to the software, unlike when you bought a creative suite for almost double the price and then would have to upgrade it again for around the same price in a year. If you just need one application you can get that for $20 a month but again you have to get a years subscription for it.

So the pricing isn’t too bad but that’s obviously depending on how often you upgrade your software if you don’t keep your software up to date and only buy it once every few years this way forward isn’t going to be the most viable way forward for you, especially if your a small business or a freelancer you really can’t afford to part with $600 every year.

As well as the standard applications you get a few other features with it, like 20GB of cloud storage for individual use, plus you can share your project with other people straight from the cloud on the ‘creative social network’, where you can create your own online portfolio.

Overall there is some interesting features to Adobe CC but is it the right way forward for Adobe? Possibly not at this time. The Creative Cloud launched last year in a smaller form with CS6 as a possible add on for customers. They really need a longer crossover period to establish the Creative Cloud with people and not just a straight switch because that is just going to get people annoyed.


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